MES Play Day - 2016

Sarah never got the chance to participate in a Play Day.  6 weeks of Kindergarten is all she experienced at Mechanicsville Elementary School. Enough to form bonds with friends and teachers that will be forever, but not enough. Never enough time.

Today (now Monday), I watched my oldest daughter, Emily, participate in her 4th Play Day at MES.  I love watching her have fun - she is a great kid (and fast - more on that later).  But today brought mixed emotions for me.

I should have been splitting my time watching BOTH my girls participate in this fun day at the end of another great school year at MES.  As I walked by the Kindergarten playground on the way to Emily's first event, there sits the bench that the school placed there in Sarah's memory. I knew she was there with me, I felt her presence.  

I took a "selfie" of Emily and I after she won her races as the fastest female in third grade (so proud of her) and as I looked down, I was again reminded that we were not alone, a shining light was with us.

Emily's class was "Team Blue" so obviously I wanted to represent the color as well.  What better shirt to wear than my blue "The Great 5k" shirt (more on this wonderful event that took place on Sarah's birthday in another post). The shirt that had Sarah's name on the shoulder.  

This was also the day we received our monthly update email from the Baltimore Humane Society showing the current status of donations to the Sarah Jayne Orton Memorial Fund.  I was proud to have seen a number that I could never imagine being raised - $36,564.  Thank you to all who have donated to the fund, both past and present.  Even a donation of $5 is appreciated - it adds up and goes to a great cause!  To see names on that spreadsheet, just melts my heart.  (Note: we do not receive the amount of each donation, just names that have donated in the month).

Sarah's bench at the Mechanicsville Elementary School Kindergarten Playground.

Emily was the fastest female in 3rd Grade!

Proud Moment

Again, thank you to all who donated to the Sarah Jayne Orton Memorial Foundation in the month of May - it's our most important month.  Also, a BIG THANKS to Cuddlebugs Dog Grooming in Vestal, NY that donates a large check EVERY month.  Without them, the Foundation would not be where it is today.

First Day of School 2013